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At RealBetter, we believe in providing you with seamless services right at your fingertips. While we don't deal in physical products, our commitment to delivering unparalleled prop tech experiences is unwavering. Here's how our subscription plans work and the "delivery" you can expect from us:

Basic Plan:

1. Profile: Access to a Basic Digital Profile, setting the foundation for your real estate journey.

2. Selling: List 2 properties per month with carefully curated matches to potential buyers.

3. Buying: Post 10 property requirements per month, paired with personalized matches to assist your search.

4. Curation: Benefit from our expert curation, ensuring you only see properties that align with your needs.

Premium Plan:

1. Profile: Enjoy an Advanced Digital Profile, enhancing your visibility and networking capabilities.

2. Selling: List up to 10 properties every month, each matched with interested buyers for swift transactions.

3. Buying: Post 20 property requirements monthly, coupled with intelligent matches to simplify your search.

4. Site Visit: Access the opportunity for site visits, enabling you to explore properties physically.

5. Inventory Access: Dive into an extensive inventory, broadening your options and choices.

6. Curation: Experience our expert curation services, fine-tuning your property matches.

7. Analytics Dashboard: Gain insights into market trends and data through our comprehensive analytics dashboard, empowering you to make informed decisions.

Premium Plus Plan:

1. Profile: Unlock an Advanced Digital Profile with enhanced features tailored to your unique requirements

2. Selling: Enjoy the freedom of unlimited property listings every month, ensuring maximum exposure for your properties.

3. Buying: Post an unlimited number of property requirements monthly, matched with ideal properties to simplify your search process.

4. Curation: Benefit from our expert curation services, refining your property matches for optimal results.

5. Site Visit: Explore properties firsthand with the option for site visits, enabling confident decision-making.

6. Inventory Access: Dive into our extensive inventory, giving you access to a wide array of properties suiting your preferences.

7. Analytics Dashboard: Leverage our detailed analytics dashboard, providing valuable market insights to guide your real estate journey effectively
Rest assured, our "delivery" is in the form of a seamlessly functioning platform, designed to elevate your real estate experience. Subscribe today, and let RealBetter transform the way you navigate the world of real estate.

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