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7 Top problems faced by real estate agents and how RealBetter solves it?

  • aanchal sukhija
  • Apr 30, 2024

7 Top problems faced by real estate agents and how RealBetter solves it?

Solving the problems faced by real estate agents, the RealBetter way.

7 Top problems faced by real estate agents and how RealBetter solves it?

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The business of real estate is a fast-paced one. A real estate agent needs to be able to find leads, meet the needs of the clients. In markets where prices differ drastically, trying to increase sales while still having time for yourself can often be problematic.The internet has also made it very easy for people to lie about properties that they have for sale,this has unfortunately led to too many trust issues within the industry itself since nobody knows who is being honest anymore. The real estate agents faces plethora of problems like:-

Not having enough listings

How would you feel if you went shopping at a store or an online site and found only 3-4 options, right? Likewise, when a buyer comes looking for a house, they want plenty of options so they can discover the property that precisely meets their criteria.

Therefore, we guarantee that there are adequate postings on RealBetter site for you to cater to your client’s needs.

Not able to Increase the sales and productivity of their team

It speaks more about the correlation between a real estate agent’s competence and the outcomes they generate.Though they try everything, it often seems complicated to increase sales team performance and productivity. Through our curated instant property matches we enhance the productivity of the agents

Not able to survive in a very high competitive and fragmented market

With several players operating in the Indian real estate market, it is highly fragmented.
RealBetter helps you compete in this market by providing you everything in one place from developer’s details to catalogues to floor plans to live inventory along with their RM’s contact details and scheduled site visits.

Low conversion of leads

Finding leads that truly convert is a perpetual struggle for agents, draining both time and resources.Through cutting-edge algorithms and insightful analytics, Realbetter delivers a steady stream of high-quality leads, boosting conversion rates and amplifying agent efficiency.

Not able to leverage technology

Technology has grown by leaps and bounds in the past few decades. If you’re not leveraging technology for your business’s growth, your competitors will gain an edge over you and attract more leads their way. RealBetter helps you solve that problem effectively.

Not able to maintain a digital presence

Agents often struggle when it comes to managing and maintaining their digital presence. On RealBetter you can successfully create a digital profile for your business and for yourself which in turn will help you in growing your business.

Not able to gain access to right information and verified listings

Gone are the days when you had to struggle with unverified listings and information. On RealBetter get access to 100% verified properties posted by 100% verified agents. RealBetter conducts thorough due diligence on listings before presenting them to the clients.

In Summary ,Real estate agents face many problems during work. ⁤⁤This includes battling to get enough listings to match buyer and seller needs.They also have to balance lead costs against deal progress and payout uncertainty. ⁤⁤Agents need technology, but they can’t trust it because there’s so much false information on online portals.⁤⁤ Dealing with rejection is another challenge.⁤But through this process agents grow stronger every day as professionals working towards success within such an ever changing industry. At RealBetter, we want to empower agents so well that they can always find a way around these challenges and ultimately become successful in the real estate industry.

Within the bustling real estate industry, the quest to streamline operations is paramount to scaling productivity and capacity.

Imagine a solution where you attract more listings, streamline processes to minimise wasted time,networking with other agents,improving your online presence, ensuring you have a comprehensive understanding of the market and actively meeting your buyer’s needs with increased productivity.

RealBetter is that solution.


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