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RealBetter Field Day: Mainstreaming user-centricity

  • Jul 8, 2024

RealBetter Field Day: Mainstreaming user-centricity

On a blazing hot summer day, we had a transformational experience at RealBetter’s most recent field day where staff members from different departments, even those who don’t usually meet clients face to face took up the challenge. Over 20 market locations were visited by nine dynamic groups giving more than 50 interesting product demos. It wasn't just about displaying our product; this was a self-improvement process that involved team work. In doing so, we broke new grounds thereby enhancing our individual capacities as well as collective responsibility among ourselves. Not only did we expand our skills, we also strengthened our team spirit- RealBetter field day underlined our commitment to excellence and unity and showed that every role counts in our shared success.

RealBetter Field Day: Mainstreaming user-centricity

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The User is Always Right: Embracing User-Centricity

The cornerstone of our philosophy is founded on the principle “the user is always right.” It may sound cliché but that’s what we stand for when meeting the needs of our users. Meeting our users personally made it possible for us to get their point of views firsthand, understand their pain points and learn things that cannot be derived from data alone. For instance, real estate agents stressed the importance of data security; developers pointed out that there's a need for data based insights to predict market trends while builders underscored the significance of sustainability in their construction practices.

What Matters Most to Our Users: Tech and Product Expectations

After our first field learning day at RealBetter, we held a playback session to reflect on and share the key insights, feedback received and experiences gained, to review and discuss our learnings. The Playback session was really valuable for reflecting on what was learned and experienced.

Our field learning day revealed several other important facets of our users’ satisfaction beyond technology. Personalized customer support came up a lot with many desiring for a service that suits their specific needs. On the other hand, transparency in transactions and data security was central to the issues discussed; this emphasized the need for trust building especially where dependability is key within this industry.