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Which Are The Best Real Estate Properties To Invest In Gurgaon?

  • aanchal sukhija
  • May 18, 2024

Which Are The Best Real Estate Properties To Invest In Gurgaon?

The Gurgaon Maps are loaded with emerging real estate opportunities. A big reason for this is the rapid development of the city as one of the leading startup hubs in India. People from all across the country come to the city to start a new career. With the increasing number of new people coming in, the real estate market in the region has shown exponential growth.

Which Are The Best Real Estate Properties To Invest In Gurgaon?

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If you are looking to make real estate investments, Gurgaon is one of the best places to start. But Gurgaon is a big city, and you need to identify the best spots to make real estate investments. This article will list the ten best areas in Gurgaon to buy or sell real estate.

Why Make Real Estate Investments in Gurgaon?

  • Distance From Delhi NCR

Gurgaon is a buzzing real estate market due to its proximity to Delhi NCR. While the main city of Delhi is cramped, Gurgaon provides ample space and good living conditions for individuals to come and settle. In fact, the city is the Nearest to the Indira Gandhi International (IGI) airport. Plus, being a startup hub, the connectivity with the rest of the nearby cities is excellent.

  • Commercial hub

Gurgaon is one of the leading commercial cities in Asia. This means you will find all the facilities in the city. Plus, the cyber hub is known to have some of the best workspaces in the country. In fact, the place is so desirable that over 50 MNCs have their offices in Gurgaon.

  • Real estate hub

The city has many residential and commercial buildings, making it an important place for the real estate business. Many real estate companies work in the city, including DLF, M3M India, Adani Realty, and others.

  • Ideal Living Space

The Apartments in Gurgaon suit the needs of every individual residing in the city. Whether you are a bachelor or a family person, you will find societies and apartments that suit your lifestyle. As a bachelor, you will find a good amount of social spots nearby, and as a family person, you will find good places for schools, family societies, and more, all in the same city.

Real Estate Hotspots in Gurgaon

  • Sector 49

Sector 49 is located on Gurgaon-Sohna Road. It has many residential apartments and independent floors. Big developers like Omaxe, Eros Group and Vatika Group have built housing projects there. Sector 49 provides easy access to DLF Cyber City and Udyog Vihar, which are major office hubs in Gurgaon. This accessibility drives demand for housing in this locality.

The values of investment properties in Sector 49 have shown a significant increase. Make sure you check the new price listings before making any monetary decisions related to the properties.

  • Sector 50

Sector 50 in Gurgaon is an important area for housing. It has good connections to major office areas like Golf Course Road, Golf Course Extension Road, and Sohna Road. Because of this, and because it has good schools, hospitals and other facilities nearby, many residential projects have come up in Sector 50.

Most of the housing supply in this area is independent builder floors rather than apartments in big societies. However, there are some apartment complexes as well.

  • Sector 70

Sector 70 is a developing area in Gurgaon. It has good infrastructure facilities and many housing options at reasonable prices. The sector is situated along the Southern Peripheral Road. From here, it is easy to travel to office areas located on Sohna Road and Golf Course Road.

Sector 70 is popular among working professionals who want to rent a place. It is also a choice for families who wish to buy a home in Gurgaon.

  • Sector 78

Sector 78 is an important housing area in the city. It has good road connections to major shopping and office centres through the NH-48 highway. It is located close to the Manesar Industrial Township, which is a big manufacturing hub. It is also near the Info Technology Park and Candor Techspace office areas. Because of this proximity to workplaces, there is a high demand for housing in Sector 78.

In this sector, you can find a mix of multi-story apartment buildings, independent builder floors, and villas. The prices of properties here are reasonable and affordable.

This locality is developing rapidly in New Gurgaon near the Dwarka Expressway. Many people who work in the Manesar industrial area and nearby offices want to rent homes here. Over the last three years, the prices of properties in this area have increased a lot.

The area has many green spaces and parks. Plans are to create a green belt with trees and plants running parallel to the residential complexes.

To sum up, Gurgaon is a great city in which to invest in real estate. As one of the leading startup and commercial hubs in India, there is a high demand for housing from people coming to work there. The city has excellent connectivity to Delhi and other nearby areas.

Sectors 49, 50, 70, 78 and 92 are some of the most promising residential localities to consider. Sector 49 along Gurgaon-Sohna Road offers projects from major builders and easy access to key office parks. Sector 50 is another prime housing hub well-connected to areas like Golf Course Road. The developing Sector 70 provides affordable options close to workplace hubs.

Sector 78 has a mix of apartments, floors, and villas at reasonable prices and is located near manufacturing and IT zones. Sector 92 in New Gurgaon near Dwarka Expressway witnesses high rental demand from those employed in Manesar's industrial units. It is a fast-growing green locality.

Overall, these sectors cater to different budgets and offer proximity to employment centres and social infrastructure like schools and hospitals. With Gurgaon's rapid growth, investing in residential real estate through a property-selling app in these areas can prove profitable in the long run.


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